Territory: The World (Exclusive)
Origin: Toronto, Canada  

Jules Worth or Bangsworth as she is known in most circles is a multi award winning DJ and Electronic Music Producer who got her start on Canada’s east coast but has been making waves in Canada’s musical landscape for the last ten years with great success. A steady gig schedule along with a national tour– this queer babe’s focus has shifted to incorporating more live elements in her stage show.

Her party rocking style stems from her progression through a multitude of genres. Getting her start playing piano and then onto vinyl hip hop and drum and bass records, her sound is reminiscent of those roots in the genre killer, techy flavour she’s become known for.

A resident DJ for Bad Habits Social and Night Shift Toronto, having played from the depths of the underground to the heights of festival stages, Bangsworth knows how to move a room. She’s released original productions and continues to push spaces and parties and her own bad ass sets.

In three words, her sound is Moody, Bouncy and all Rainbows. What does that mean exactly? You’ll have to see her live to find out.

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